Technoform Kunststoffprofile GmbH

As a specialist in processing of highly filled thermoplastics, we just pushed the boundaries of high-strength plastic profiles further. 

A new production technology combines the advantages of the pultrusion process (endless fiber-reinforcement, high strength) with the benefits of thermoplastic materials (light weight, shape ability, recyclability).

One of the few global family businesses, we run 14 production sites worldwide extruding three billion feet of high-precision plastic profiles and tubes every year – that’s twentyfive times around the earth, that’s No. 1 in our markets, and beyond that it’s our 24/7 aspiration for setting new benchmarks in terms of reliability and sustainability. To us, extrusion means more than just transforming granules – it means shaping the future.

Technoform Kunststoffprofile GmbH


Technoform Kunststoffprofile GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Str. 34
34253 Lohfelden

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