Booth at the Composites Europe 2019 in Stuttgart

Also this year the network PulNet decided to exhibit at the CE 2019. Numerous network members took the opportunity to present themselves and their company and to make new contacts.

The eye-catcher was a Radius pultrusion tool for processing highly reactive resin systems. This allowed the network managers to explain the process and its advantages to the interested visitors on a concrete test setup.

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5th network meeting at Leibniz-IPF and EBF Dresden GmbH

5th network meeting at Leibniz-IPF and EBF Dresden GmbH

The 5th meeting of the network partners took place on June 5th 2019 in the premises of the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research Dresden e. V. The network management reported on past and future joint network activities. In addition to the joint R&D activities, the focus of this meeting was also on the planning of the upcoming trade fair "Composite Europe", at which the network will present itself together with its members from September 10th to 12th 2019. The network meeting was rounded off with a tour of the Leibniz IPF and a presentation of the plant technology of EBF Dresden GmbH.

User workshop "Giving lightweight construction a profile“

Already for the third time on 04.06.2019 the user workshop " Giving lightweight construction a profile" around the production process pultrusion took place. The event was organized in cooperation with the Innovationsverbund Maschinenbau Sachsen VEMASinnovativ and with the support of CC Ost of the Carbon Composites e.V. and the Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH.

The workshop started in the research halls of the Fraunhofer IWU. There the more than 50 participants could convince themselves live of the functionality and the potential of radius pultrusion and get in touch with the network managers and partners.

The subsequent lecture programme was held in the Industrial Museum in Chemnitz city centre. Speakers from industry and science presented numerous new and innovative developments in the field of pultrusion. At the concluding Come-Together, interested participants could take part in a guided tour of the Industrial Museum and learn about the history of Saxon mechanical engineering and plant construction.

Booth at the Composites Europe in Stuttgart

At this year's CE in Stuttgart, the PulNet network presented itself for the first time on its own booth, where visitors could inform themselves about the pultrusion process and the network. Numerous network partners took the opportunity to present their own company at the booth and to attend customer meetings.

The response of the international visitors was very positive - in numerous conversations the network idea could be explained to them and the advantages of pultrusion as an innovative and highly economical process for the serial production of fiber-reinforced profiles could be demonstrated.

4th Network Meeting at TC Domine in Meppen

The 4th network meeting took place on 11.10.2018 at the network partner TC Domine in Meppen, Lower Saxony. Since this meeting was also the first of the new network phase, new network partners were introduced at the beginning:

  • Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, vertreten durch Herrn Prof. Dr. Bösnecker,
  • EBF Dresden GmbH, vertreten durch Herrn Blum,
  • BASF Polyurethanes GmbH, vertreten durch Herrn Neuhaus,
  • bowbike UG (haftungsbeschränkt) und der
  • LMAT Limited

Thus, 15 partners are involved in the PulNet network in the second network phase, 13 of them are regular partners and two associated ones.

The future orientation and further development of the network was discussed both in the areas of public relations, trade fair participation and the initiation of joint research and development projects.

The meeting was rounded off with a company tour through the halls and rooms of TC Domine GmbH.

3rd Network Meeting at Norafin in Mildenau

On 20.06.2018, the third network meeting took place at the network partner Norafin Industries (Germany) GmbH in Mildenau, Saxony. In addition to a report of the network management on achievements reached so far, the planning of future trade fairs and the transistion into the second network phase were in the focus at this meeting.

Furthermore, Mr. Natzschka of Norafin could show to the partners present, the interesting production and refinement process for fleece products with which Norafin is succesfull worldwide.

Workshop “Profil-Based Lightweight Design – From Fiber to Pultruded Application“ in Dresden

For the second time already, the workshop "Profile-Based Lightweight Design - from Fiber to Pultruded Application" took place at the Fraunhofer IWU in Dresden. As the name suggests, the lecture series was focused on basic principles, technologies and applications in the field of pultrusion.

With interesting presentations, Dr. Jansen (Managing Director Thomas GmbH + Co. Technik + Innovation KG) as an existing network member and Mr. Blum (Managing Director EBF Dresden GmbH) and Mr. Gläser (Managing Director bowbike UG (limited liability)) as future network partners contributed to the success of the event.

Innovation Day for SMEs in Berlin

The PulNet network presented itself on 07.06.2018 at the Innovation Day for SMEs in Berlin. On the premises of the AiF Projekt GmbH, the annual event allows sponsored projects and networks to exchange information among each other and to give interested visitors insights into their work.

Together with Mr. Mann – managing director of the network partner TC Domine - PulNet took part in this event for the first time. With beautiful weather the intention of the network could be brought closer to a broad public where it met large interest.

JEC WORLD in Paris

From 06.03. to 08.03.2018 the world's largest trade fair for fiber plastic composites took place in Paris. Among the 1300 exhibitors was also the Fraunhofer IWU which, as network management institution, presented the PulNet network together with other network partners at the joint stand of Saxony to the world for the first time. Over 40,000 visitors were able to inform themselves about trends, current products and the latest research results.

2. Network meeting at Thomas Technik in Bremervörde

The second network meeting took place on 23.01.2018 at the network partner Thomas GmbH + Co. Technik + Innovation KG in Bremervörde, Lower Saxony. During our visit, the participating network partners got an interesting and profound insight into the history and development stages of an innovative enterprise which developed into a globally operating pultruder and plant manufacturer.

The main focus of this meeting was the development of a network strategy for the future direction of the network. Furthermore, the network’s external appearance (logo, homepage, flyer, etc.) as well as concepts for future exhibition appearances were discussed. 

1. Network Meeting at Fraunhofer IWU in Chemnitz – KickOff event

The first meeting of the network partners took place on 28.09.2017 in the premises of the Fraunhofer IWU – the network management institution. Apart from organizational question, the KickOff focused on getting to know each other as well as the exchange of ideas, wishes and expectations concerning constructive cooperation. The meeting was topped off with a tour to the modern pultrusion plant of the Fraunhofer IWU. 

Start PulNet – Network for Pultruding Lightweight Structures

The race is on - the PulNet network is officially starting its first network phase. A total of 10 partners - 8 small and medium sized enterprises as well as 2 research institutes have joined forces to further develop the “pultrusion” production process together and to push forward cross-process innovations. To achieve these goals, the network is structured alongside the value chain and divided into five pillars


  1. Manufacturers of source materials (Ausgangsmaterialien) and semi-finished products

- Norafin Industries (Germany) GmbH

- DBF Deutsche Basalt Faser GmbH

- Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V. (IPF)

- Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut (STFI)

  1. Manufacturers of Systems and Peripheral Equipment


  1. Tool ManufacturersWerkzeughersteller

- Steinhuder Werkzeug- und Apparatebau H. Wölfl GmbH

- Modellbau Roth GmbH & Co. KG

  1. Pultruders

- Thomas GmbH + Co. Technik + Innovation KG

- RÜHLAND Kunststofftechnik GmbH

  1. Users

- Techno-Composites Domine GmbH


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